One-Stop Operator

As the One-Stop Operator for Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, our role is to coordinate the delivery of services provided through the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board. This involves integrating diverse workforce programs and services for seamless access by job seekers and employers. We collaborate with partner organizations to optimize the efficiency of the workforce system, fostering economic growth in the region.

About the One-Stop Operator

In 2023, Empower Somerset was awarded the role of the One-Stop Operator for Somerset and Hunterdon counties. In its role as the One-Stop Operator, Empower Somerset oversees all aspects of workforce development direct services to individuals and businesses in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties through a contract with the Greater Raritan Workforce Development Board (GRWDB).

The One-Stop Operator plays a vital role in supporting job seekers in successfully maintaining employment and in assisting businesses by providing candidates who are well prepared to re-enter the workforce and fill job vacancies. In 2023, the number of customers served by all partners in the local workforce development system exceeded 2,500 individuals. In addition, the One-Stop Operator manages and coordinates the local One-Stop delivery system and brings One-Stop partners together in different monthly and quarterly meeting to ensure that high quality services are provided in the most effective, professional, and streamlined manner possible.

The GRWDB envisions that the contracted Greater Raritan One-Stop Operator cultivates a highly valued local workforce development system where job seekers flourish and employers thrive. The Operator supports a collaborative environment that promotes continuous quality improvement; identifies opportunities for increased community outreach; supports effective service integration and program co-enrollment by all state and local partners; and fosters engagement of individuals and business leading to increased participation by all stakeholders in system services.

Click here to learn more about the GRWDB and find more information on the resources and services available for employers and job seekers.

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