What is our mission?

We EmPoWER individuals and families to make positive lifestyle choices by promoting healthy, drug-free communities through education, collaboration, and connections to resources.

how did we get our name?

EmPoWER Somerset stands for Encouraging Prevention with Education and Resources. This emphasizes the positive spirit of our mission and the broad scope of education we provide.

How did we begin?

EmPoWER Somerset was established in February of 1974 as the Somerset Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency with a focus on preventing substance misuse and providing information and referrals to those in need of treatment. In 2010, the agency name was changed to more accurately reflect our approach to prevention through building protective factors that enhance wellness. In 2012, the agency established the Pioneer Family Success Center, a community gathering place that connects families to helpful resources and brings families together through free events, programs & local activities.

What do we do?

EmPoWER Somerset works in the community to provide protective factors to help individuals navigate life’s challenges in a proactive and healthy way. We deliver evidence-based programs that effectively provide individuals with prevention education, resources, and life skills needed to reach their full potential. We serve a wide range of individuals and organizations. Our work is only possible through strong connections with partner organizations and the communities we serve.