EmPoWER Somerset

EmPoWER Yourself

To achieve your full potential, you need accurate information and the life skills to make positive decisions and choose healthy coping strategies. From pre-school to beyond retirement, we provide the developmentally appropriate education and tools through a wide variety of programs: Youth, Adult, Families, Military, Seniors and All Ages.

EmPoWER Your Family

Pioneer Family Success CenterThe Pioneer Family Success Center was established on March 1, 2012. We are a community-based, family-centered neighborhood gathering place where any Somerset County resident can go for family support, information and services.

The purpose of the FSC is to enrich the lives of children and adults by making families and neighborhoods stronger and to provide families with the tools to identify and build on their strengths in order reach their goals. Everything offered at the Family Success Center is FREE and they are working collaboratively with various community partners to bring together resources and activities into an integrated service system.

EmPoWER Your Community

In partnership with schools, businesses, health care providers, social service organizations, law enforcement and many other key community stakeholders, we develop and implement strategies to create healthy communities, promote mental health, and prevent social problems such as distracted and impaired driving and teen substance abuse.

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