Thank you for considering a tax-deductable donation to Empower Somerset!
501 c(3) 23-7364157

Your donation of $45 could underwrite…

  • Mental Health First Aid manuals for two participants, or light refreshments for one training.
  • Child care to assist parents while they’re participating in one of our educational programs.
  • One ink cartridge to print materials and inform the community about or free programs and free events.
  • Light refreshments for one educational workshop offered to parents, families or veterans.

Your donation of $450 could underwrite…

  • Materials for one 8-hour Mental Health First Aid training for up to 25 participants.
  • Crafts, refreshments and entertainment for a Pioneer Family Success Center free Family Fun Night.
  • Dinner for two sessions of the Achieving Personal Balance stress management program for veterans.
  • Catering and supplies for our annual Veterans Holiday Appreciation Dinner.

Your donation of $4500 could underwrite…

  • One complete cycle of a six-session health management program for veterans.
  • One complete cycle of Family Unity Night (Strengthening Families Program) for parents and children.
  • Manuals and materials for approximately eight Mental Health First Aid trainings.
  • Facility costs for one month providing a home base of operations for all programs and services.